Dumpster Diving

I went out to the flea market today and found a nice Dewalt palm sander for $10. Something I was in need of as I plan to retry making some glass laminated bows.  I was leery of it working but got home and it ran like a top. I thought that would be the prize for the day but my luck continued.

I finally cleaned up all the osage shavings in the basement that were left in a pile that I used as kindling to start the occasional fire in the fireplace over the winter . But spring has finally arrived and the shavings made their way into bags and to the dumpster. As I flung one in I noticed a bunch of thicker than usual lumber. Closer inspection confirmed it was Douglas fir some of it 8/4. Even closer inspection confirmed most of it was super straight grain with some of it having 20-30 growth rings per inch. These were no Home Depot boards.

I grabbed the five boards I could reach, all conveniently cut to 3-1/2’ to fit in the dumpster. These boards will be fashioned into my new hunting arrows for this year and next year and probably for many years to come if I don’t miss too much. I am wife will be happy that I replaced the wood taking up space in our basement with more wood.

Just after dropping the boards in the back yard I dropped all of the “Little Tikes” toys that my children have out grown: A slide, a tricycle and a basketball hoop all made for toddlers in my neighbors back yard. It made its way to a good home next door where they will be appreciated and played on.

Today exemplified the old line “one person’s garbage is another person’s treasure”.  In defiance of present day “use it and throw it away” mindset it feels good to be frugal and help others be frugal as well.

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