Bluff Country Cutlery

A couple weekends ago I was admiring the bluffs of the fabled Buffalo county WI. Not scouting deer but attending a wedding. With 5 other couples from my wife’s college days. Usually a fun crowd as they prove again this weekend and outdoorsy but more a camp, hike, ski style. So it could be tough to find something sportsman-like to do but I found myself doing one of my favorite outdoor activities this morning, making wood smaller.


At the house we rented there was a small fire pit with fire wood but no ax or maul to make kindling. Then I was asked in a joking manner if I had anything with me to remedy this problem, i certainly re-enforced my reputation as the outdoors man of the group when I of course responded in the positive and produced a small hatchet compliments of the Rocky Mountain elk foundation.


Being an unexplainably obsessive fan of sharp cutting implements, I already have several hatchet and axes in my basement shop but couldn’t resist another a couple years ago and happily gave my $35 or so with membership to acquire this little game hatchet.


Though there was no room in the shop so the car was the next logical place. Under the passenger front seat is a small drawer where I keep several blades a small folding knife, a tiny fixed blade a cheap Swiss army like multi tool a pair of needle nose pliers, a mini mag flashlight and this little hatchet.


So on top of being able to split wood and make a fire I was reassured my prepared stash in the car is purposeful. I may be far from ready for the Apocalypse but it seems I am prepared for the weekend.

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