The Hunters Spirit

I am a hunter. It is in my blood. I hunt for food. I hunt not only animals but for plants and mushrooms.  I also hunt for wood, and stone and bone. And it is not limited to nature.  I realized today that I hunt for just about anything.

Since being a kid there have been few things that bring a wider grin to my face than a great deal on a unique item at a flea market. This morning I found a vintage Norlund Camp hatchet. Norlund considered by some to be the Cadillac of vintage USA ax manufacturers is pretty rare. In fact I have never come across one in person until today when I purchased the little hatchet for five dollars. I have been grinning for 12 hours.

When I go to the beach with the family, as I was this afternoon, and am relegated to the sand as opposed to preferred location trapping crabs on the fishing pier, I find myself wading along the tide line searching for sea glass. I do nothing with this glass. It is the hunt that intrigues me.  I found five pieces of glass today: two green, two clear and one brown. The trophy colors, blue and red, eluded me again.

I hunt for things even when it is not economical. Take the crabs for example. As my father explained to me many times as he paced the pier with me. We could simply go to the store and buy a bushel of crabs for the less than the cost to crab for them ourselves. But again it is the chase that intrigues. And crabs caught always seem to taste better than crabs purchased.

I hunt for wood. As a hunter I strive to not only hunt the animals but I hunt for the tools to hunt the animals with. I make wooden hunting bows and as I hunt the animals I am at the same time hunting for good trees from which to make bows. In fact the hunt for wood continues long after I leave the forest. Some of my best wood finds have come from the county trimming the road sides or home owners leaving their trimming on the curb for pick up.

So I begin this blog as a way to document the adventures of these “hunts” and the projects that sprout from them or in anticipation of them. It is meant to be a journal of how I keep the outdoors in my life everyday however mundane. This blog is meant to be my ground to maintain my outdoor recreations in spite of the pressures of the hustle and bustle of every day life.

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